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FERTILIZER SPREADER REVIEWS: Find the Best Broadcast Spreader For Your Lawn

Scotts 75901 Turf Builder Broadcast Spreader Review

For many, the care of their lawn is very important, and this will include having the right spreader for the job. This Scotts 75901 Turf Builder Broadcast Spreader Review will show you one such spreader made by a company that has been well-known for its lawn care products for many years.

Scotts Turf Builder Spreader Review

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Each type spreader that is available on the market will apply your lawn products effectively, but they will differ in how they spread the products, which is the key to knowing which one will be the best for your particular lawn.
A broadcast spreader like this is great for fast applications in larger areas. It provides you with a five to ten foot swath, depending on the product you are distributing, and how fast you are walking. It includes Scott’s Exclusive Edge Guard Technology and comes with a control panel to give you precise rate settings for even more accurate coverage. This spreader was made to make sure it gives you the best results when you use it with lawn food from Scott.

Features and Pricing:

  • Includes a handy control panel with precision rate settings for coverage that is very accurate
  • This spreader was made to make sure you get superior results when you use it with lawn food from Scotts
  • Made with Edge Guard Technology, exclusive to Scotts
  • This spreader can hold up to fifteen thousand square feet of lawn products from Scotts
  • Large rubber wheels
  • This product lists for around $83, but I was able to find it for a bit less at about $74.

Personal Review:

I purchased this spreader for my home lawn care last summer. With many parts of my lawn being uneven, the large rubber wheels on the spreader kept it quite stable. Also, the edge guard works great without dispensing excess product on the sides. A separate rear guard is included which is always in place and avoided me from getting any fertilizer on my shoes – a great plus!

I loved how easy the controls are and that they seem of very high quality. Since I plan on reseeding and fertilizing my lawn regularly, this spreader will get plenty of use. Plus, the spreader was so easy to assemble and was ready for me to use in about five minutes. It even works great in wet conditions, and I love how wide of an area it covers, making my job so much easier and faster.

I am happy to have spent the extra money on a quality spreader; it was well worth it! I have had other, cheaper spreaders in the past and they just didn’t hold up. I can tell that this spreader is quite sturdy and expect it to hold up for quite some time.