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FERTILIZER SPREADER REVIEWS: Find the Best Broadcast Spreader For Your Lawn

Hand Held Fertilizer Spreader Reviews

Hand held spreaders are one of the most economical and efficient tools for spreading seed, fertilizer, granular products and even de-ice products in the yard or small property.
Compared to hand spreading these products, a spreader will give you much more precision and accuracy, which helps reduce waste and give more even looking results. There are several models available and this guide will help you choose the spreader that is right for your needs.

Manual Spreading FertilizerWhat to Look for in a Fertilizer Spreader:

Hand held spreaders typically hang from a shoulder strap in the front of your torso, giving you easy access to the spreader handle while freeing your hands for operation. A wide, sturdy strap will help distribute the weight more evenly.

Because it is in constant motion, the spreader handle must be sturdy enough to hold up under pressure. Also, consider the capacity of the spreader you need.'

It is more efficient to have a larger capacity but consider how much product you want to be carrying at one time. Lastly, look for adjustable application settings to allow you to apply a variety of materials at the correct rate.

Earthway 2750 Hand-Operated Bag Spreader/Seeder

Earthway 2750 Spreader Review

The Earthway 2750 features a collapsible nylon hopper, making it easier to store when empty. It has a twenty pound capacity, making it suitable for most home applications. The hopper closes securely with a rust proof zipper, keeping the contents secure while allowing for easy access. The shoulder strap is broad enough to effectively distribute weight without cutting into the skin. Flow rate is adjusted by simply adjusting the rate you turn the hand crank. This allows you to spread nearly all granular and pelleted products with no levers to adjust.

The Earthway spreader comes with a five-year limited warranty and has an average rating of nearly five stars on Amazon, making it an excellent choice for quality, durability and overall customer satisfaction.
Solo 421S 20-Pound Capacity Portable Spreader

Solo 421S Spreader Review

The Solo 421S is a solidly constructed plastic spreader with a twenty pound capacity. Standing upright even when set on the ground, this unit will store anywhere you need it to. The screw-on cap keeps moisture out and chemicals in for a safer application and protection from damaging moisture. Fingertip adjustments allow you to change settings for both application rate and direction.

This spreader can be used to apply fertilizers, ice melt, grass seed and other granular products, although reviewers state that it is not ideal for salt. The gear box is fully enclosed to protect it from the elements and help it maintain a long life. Also highly rated, the Solo spreader is a sturdy, reliable addition to your lawn care lineup.

Scotts 71030 Easy Hand-Held Spreader
Scotts 71030 Hand Held Fertilizer Review
The Scotts 71031 spreader is one of the most economical hand spreaders on the market. At less than the cost of a bag of quality grass seed, this tool is an excellent way to get started applying your own products. With five application settings, the Scotts spreader will allow you to spread fine and coarse grass seed, light and heavy fertilizer and larger pelleted products such as fertilizers and ice melt.

This spreader boasts an EdgeGuard feature that helps direct the spread of material away from the user and precisely where it is intended to go. It does tend to clog fairly easily, so be sure to manually break apart any clumps in your product before loading the hopper. Averaging three stars in reviews, the Scotts spreader may not have the durability of the other spreaders, but the much lower price point makes it an excellent bargain. This would be an ideal spreader for uses where you do not want chemicals to cross contaminate within the hopper; simply buy one for every use.

Final Verdict:
In our opinion the best hand held fertilizer spreader is the Earthway 2750 Seeder. For the price, it outshines the other two. That is not to say that the 421S and the 71030 are terrible products, but for my money I would go with the Earthway.
No matter which spreader you choose, owning a hand spreader allows you to take control of your lawn and property, taking care of weeds, pests and bare spots in the lawn, as well as keeping your sidewalks and paths ice free. Hand held spreaders are a tool that should be in every homeowner’s garage.