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FERTILIZER SPREADER REVIEWS: Find the Best Broadcast Spreader For Your Lawn

Earthway 2050P Estate Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader Review

The Earthway 2050P Estate Broadcast Spreader is the 80-pound spreader from the people at Earthway. This particular device is designed to hold up to 80 pounds of seed or fertilizer for the lawn or garden. This is very useful when fertilizing large lots or for commercial seeding.

2050P Broadcast Spreader Review

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Pricing and Features of the Estate Spreader:

The price of this fertilizer spreader has come down recently. It is now less than $120 which makes it a steal. The reviews on amazon from people who have bought and used, have it rated 4.5 and very close to 5 stars.

  • Depending on the size of the space that is being fertilized, the 2050P can be set to spray more or less fertilizer. These custom settings can be changed during the job to ensure that the right amount of seed or fertilizer leaves the trough.
  • Also, the handle has custom settings that can be adjusted for each user so that anyone can go out into the yard and use the spreader to get work done.  

The combination of an adjustable handle and the spreader volume allows for every family or commercial garden to be fertilized properly.  Every lawn can be kept green all throughout the year with the proper amount of fertilizer, and waste is diminished as the spreader moves the fertilizer right where it needs to go.

Final Thoughts:

High ratings and the ability to handle multiple terrains make this one of the best choices for people with rocky spots, dips, or hills in the yard.