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FERTILIZER SPREADER REVIEWS: Find the Best Broadcast Spreader For Your Lawn

Best Fertilizer Spreader Reviews - Top Rated Broadcast Spreaders

Best Fertilizer Spreader ReviewsTo make their gardens look their most beautiful during summer, homeowners are doing the necessary preparations as early as spring. What can be a better way of doing this than with the help of the best fertilizer spreader?

This can be a valuable piece of equipment as it allows users to spread fertilizer on their lawn not only in a more efficient but safe manner, as well.

Why it is Important to Properly Fertilize Yard:

If fertilizer is not properly applied, this can lead to a lawn with a combination of dark and light green grass. When applied in an excessive quantity, fertilizer can burn or let grass be more susceptible to damage. On the other hand, an insufficient quantity can result in a weak lawn, which is abundant in overgrown weeds.

If you buy a bad quality spreader, and the equipment does not work well, fertilizer can get on your clothing or even worse, the hands of the person who is using it. So, prior to making a purchase, people should read the fertilizer spreader reviews to know which model provides the most value for the specific situation. Read on to find out which one is right for you!

Most Popular Fertilizer Spreaders:


Earthway 2150 Broadcast Spreader

Earthway 2150 Commercial Spreader Review

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Those who have a big lawn can opt for the Earthway 2150 since it is high in volume, having a large capacity of 1325 cubic inches. It is capable of holding up to a maximum weight of 50 pounds of material.

It is incorporated with the "Ev-N-Spred” system. This ensures a balanced and even distribution of fertilizer. Its handle, which is adjustable in height, comes in 3 positions. This provides more comfort. Users can adjust the spreader’s rate by means of a control, which is positioned on the high part of the handle.

The frame of the Earthway 2150 is heavy-duty. It has the capacity to bear a load of 175 pounds, allowing it to be more durable. It has large pneumatic tires measuring 13 inches in diameter. These come with rustproof poly rims that will last for a long time. In addition to this, it comes with a durable and long-lasting gearbox. The Earthway 2150 needs to be assembled.

Earthway 2050P Estate Broadcast Spreader

2050P Broadcast Spreader Review

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Users who need a fertilizer spreader for different kinds of terrain can go for the Earthway 2050P Estate spreader. It is easy to roll on its huge, rugged pneumatic tires. These have a diameter of 10 inches, deep tread, plus high flotation. These features make this fertilizer spreader capable of easily tackling a lawn’s rough and uneven patches.

The Earthway 2050P has a durable construction. Its robust, tubular, steel frame has a huge capacity of 1900 cubic inches, allowing it to accommodate fertilizer weighing until 80 pounds. Its cushioned grip makes it comfortable to operate. It is, also, incorporated with the "Ev-N-Spred”, a patented system that guarantees a balanced and even fertilization. Its commercial-quality gearbox features sturdy, enclosed gears. It comes with a controller that is mounted with a handle, making it easy to adjust if ever different rates of distribution are needed. The Earthway 2050P Estate can be used with any type of granular lawn fertilizer. This broadcast spreader requires simple assembly.

Scotts 76121 Mini Broadcast Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder Mini Review

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Homeowners who like a mini broadcast spreader for their small lawn can choose the Scotts 76121. This fertilizer spreader is incorporated with the exclusive EdgeGuard technology.

This patented design adjusts the rate of flow to guarantee a more even application. To activate this feature, the lever that is found at the back area of the spreader, has to slide to “on”. This unique feature applies the product where users want it by blocking the spreader’s right area of the pattern. This prevents product from being distributed into other areas that are non-lawns such as driveways, waterways, sidewalks, and landscaping. This way, there is less wastage. It is easier to clean up, making it better for the environment.

For a more precise coverage, the Scotts 76121 comes with a control panel that has a precision rate setting. Though it may be small, it can hold different Scotts Lawn Products amounting to 5,000 square feet. These include fertilizer, seed and granular materials. To ensure high quality results, Scotts Fertilizer Spreaders should be used exclusively with Scotts Lawn Products. When delivered, the Scotts 76121 is already assembled and ready to be used.

Scotts 75901 Turf Builder Broadcast Spreader

Scotts 75901 Spreader Review

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Homeowners can opt for Scotts 75901 if they want a fertilizer spreader that comes with a larger capacity. This can accommodate 15,000 square feet of lawn products by Scotts. This is, also, incorporated with the proprietary Scotts EdgeGuard technology. With this distinct feature, the fertilizer is applied only where users want it. This means it will not be scattered and wasted on non-lawn areas. The surroundings will be easier to clean. Therefore, this makes it an environmental-friendly product.

The control panel has precision rate settings that allow it to give a more accurate coverage. This spreader has pneumatic tires that give more traction and make it more stable to use. Just like other Scotts Broadcast Spreaders, Scotts 75901 is designed to give the best quality results when it is used with Scotts Lawn Products. It is calibrated and assembled beforehand and so, it is ready to be used when delivered.

So which Fertilizer Spreader is the Best?

Homeowners who want to create and maintain beautiful lawns can rely on a fertilizer spreader for a more even and consistent application. There are different kinds of this product in the market and so, to know the best fertilizer server that suits their needs; there are a number of factors they need to consider. These include the size and shape of their lawn plus the kind of terrain.

Based on the fertilizer spreader reviews, there are four names that top the list, namely: Earthway 2150 Broadcast Spreader, Earthway 2050P Estate Broadcast Spreader, Scotts 76121 Mini Broadcast Spreader and Scotts 75901 Broadcast Spreader. All are integrated with the latest technologies that make gardening more efficient and safer for the environment.

 The Earthway 2150 and 2050P Broadcast Spreaders include the Ev-N-Spred, a patented system that allows users to have an even and balanced fertilizer distributed. Scotts 76121 and 75901 include the EdgeGuard technology that applies fertilizer only where users want it.